Affiliate Marketing – The Importance Of Focusing On One Affiliate Program

One of the biggest mistakes that most affiliate marketer make is not focusing on one affiliate program. Since there are many affiliate programs that are free to join, some people will feel that there is nothing to lose and there is nothing wrong in joining many affiliate programs. This is not totally true.

You will need to realize that if you join too many affiliate programs, you will not be fully focus on maximizing the full potential that each program can bring to you. For example, if you are promoting 10 products, you will only be able to put in 10% of your focus on promoting each of the products. You will not get much result when you only put in 10% of your effort in promoting the product.

But if you put in 100% of your focus on promoting one affiliate product at a time, you will definitely see much better results as you have full maximized the full potential that the program has to offer. Once you have maximized the full potential of one affiliate product, you can go on to the put in 100% of your effort again on the 2nd product. This will ensure that there is consistency.

Please take note that affiliate marketing is a real business and it will take time to grow. It is better to go through a slow and steady path than to go through the fast and unsteady. Always remember the power on focusing doing one thing at a time, be consistent, be patient and you will be able to reach the business success that you largely deserved.

A Review of the Easy Postcard Marketing Income Opportunity

Easy Postcard Marketing is one of those old ideas, that makes sense. When you receive a post card from someone, what is the first thing you do? Turn the post card over, to see who sent it. It is a natural. What better way to market your business and get noticed?

Easy Postcard Marketing has a simple, no nonsense approach that is incredibly effective and produces results, without spending a fortune, by follow their steps.

You set up an online account with them. Easy Postcard Marketing has thousands of post cards you can choose from to market your campaign with, or have one created to your custom specifications. Upload your contact list to them.

The next step is to type in your message. Easy Postcard Marketing has a built in mail merge, every card you send is personalized. Press send, and you are finished! It is that easy.

As a business opportunity, Easy Postcard Marketing will pay you when you refer customers as an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you get a lifetime system license.

A greeting card is 2 points, a post card is 1 point. A upload picture uses 1 point. You receive 200 points (sends one hundred cards), 7 stamps to begin with and one hundred points per month, when you send 50 greeting cards.

Commissions depend on the points sold.

As a affiliate, you receive $100-$150 for every person referred who becomes a distributor. After three referrals, your membership is basically covered.

You can earn 2%-32% monthly residual income on cards sent by your referrals. You also receive commissions when your referrals refer others all the way down to seven levels deep.

As a affiliate with Easy Postcard Marketing, you are also provided with all of the tools needed to show other concerns how they can expand their base by sending out post cards. The company also does all of the follow up advertising for you.

For more detailed information about affiliate opportunities with Easy Postcard Marketing, you will have to go to their website and sign up.